Automatic Door Opener

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Automatic Door Opener

4 Ways An Automatic Door Opener Can Make Your Home More Accessible

If you or your loved one are finding ways to live in your home despite mobility issues, installing an automatic door opener may be a huge solution for easier entry and access. If you are using a manual or powered wheelchair, power scooter, walker, knee scooter, or cane, you already know what a challenge opening and going through doors can be. You either have to finagle ways to attempt your way through a door, hoping it won’t close in the midst of your passing through—or wait for someone to open and hold the door for you. An Automatic Door Opener can be the simple solution you are looking for.

Here are just four ways a door opener can open up your world for you:


You can simply push a button or Wave to Open and the Automatic Door Opener will open, pause to give you time to safely pass through, then slowly close behind you. There is also an app that can be downloaded to your phone! There is no longer the need to wait for someone else to hold the door for you. This may mean you can live more independently, coming and going as you please. Automatic Door Openers can be installed on both exterior and interior doors, making it easy to move freely throughout your own home without assistance.


An Automatic Door Opener can unlatch a locked door, as well as open it for you. After passing smoothly through the open door, it closes behind you and locks again. You can count on the safety and security of these commercial-grade auto door openers. Where there is no door opener, after struggling to get through, you still have to turn around and try to close and lock the door. What a sense of relief and peace to know you can simply push a button to unlock, open, pass through, and the door will close and lock behind you.

Customized Access

The remotes control access can be customized depending on your particular disability. The “Open” button can be installed on a nearby wall or post. A remote with buttons can also be attached to the users’ wheelchair. There are other options if hands cannot be used for the remote controls.

Multiple Uses

An Automatic Door Opener can be used on more than just the front door. One can be installed to open a gate, garage or shed door, a bedroom door, or office. Wherever there is a door in your home that is an obstacle for you or your loved one with any type of mobility challenge. It is another important accessibility tool.

While an automatic door opener will make opening and closing doors simple for those who need it, there will be no effect on the manual operation, allowing those who don’t need any assistance to open the doors without using the button. The doors can be used like normal at any time, even if they have an automatic door opener attached to them. Your automatic door opener from Premier Medical Equipment will also come with a warranty that will protect it and ensure that it lasts for a long time once installed.

Premier Medical Equipment is an authorized dealer for the Entrematic automatic door opener.


  • Slim header design blends seamlessly with door frame
  • Perfect for retrofit applications


  • Quick Installation
  • Easy mobile app set-up
  • No electrician required; 120 vac outlet compatible

Innovative Features

  • Partial Open/Parking
  • Hold Open
  • Privacy Function/Time-Delay Cancellation
  • Ratchet (activate one to open; activate again to close)
  • Push and Go
  • Power Assist
  • Set-Up and Control with App

Built In Safety Features

  • Stop on Stall
  • Reverse on Obstruction


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