Wheelchair Ramp Pricing

Wheelchair Ramp Pricing

This Helpful Guide Can Assist You In Determining How Much A Wheelchair Ramp For Your Home Or Business Will Cost.

Each ramp is different, of course.

Your unique specifications and preferences will dictate pricing accordingly. However, below is an easy way to determine a ballpark estimate for the cost of a wheelchair ramp for your home or business.

To estimate the price of your wheelchair ramp, factor in the following:

1. The Total Number Of Steps That The Ramp Will Replace

Include your top step and any steps that lead you to an ending point which must be a hard surface like a driveway or sidewalk.

2. The Height Of Each Step (by inches), Multipled By The Total Number Of Steps

For example, if you have 2 steps and each step is 7-inches, the total rise to your front door threshold is 14-inches. These 14-inches then convert to 14-feet of ramp. This calculation for the steepness of a ramp is standard for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The height of the step can vary from home to home, so make sure to measure it for accuracy.

3. The Type Of Material For Your Ramp

The cost for aluminum ramps averages between $100 and $135 per foot installed. So, using the example above, with the 14-foot ramp, the maximum cost for the ramp would be $1,890.

4. Whether You Are Buying Or Renting The Ramp

For this decision, you’ll want to consider the timeframe (how many months) for which you will need the ramp. If you will need a ramp for over 12 months, then we recommend you purchase the ramp, as that can be the far more cost-effective option. If you would like to rent a ramp, the cost is approximately $12 per foot, per month. For example, a 14-foot ramp, multiplied by $12 per foot, would amount to $168 per month, plus installation and removal fees.

5. The End Point Of Your Ramp

Wheelchair ramps must end at a hard surface. Sometimes, you may only need 14-feet of ramp, but, because the ramp must stop at a hard ending-point (like a concrete driveway or sidewalk), you may have to run the ramp another 10-feet.

6. Your Yard Configuration

If your yard has a slope, this may cause your ramp to be longer and, thus, cost more. If your yard slopes, you would need to factor in the total number of inches of the slope into the total footage as if it were additional step inches. Additionally, if you have trees or shrubs that the ramp would need to wind around, that will add footage and cost to your ramp.

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We understand that customers need to budget and plan ahead for home modifications, when possible, so we hope that this pricing guide is helpful for you in estimating your wheelchair ramp costs. For more information, please either call us or complete the form above. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also schedule a free home assessment for you today which would include determining how many feet your wheelchair ramp would need to be and any special requirements that should be considered for your home.

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If you’re interested in renting a wheelchair ramp, instead of purchasing one, view our rental fees at wheelchair ramp rentals.

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