Are Infinitely Configurable

Have Non-Slip and Weather-Friendly Surface Options

Have Premium Handrail Styles

Are Extremely Durable and Safe

Resist Rust

Don’t Require Poured Footings

Install Quickly

“Excellent!!! Arrived early, went right to work and completed the installation quickly and neatly. Looks fantastic. Thanks Premier Medical for a job well done.”


New York

How Much Does a Wheelchair Ramp Cost?

Wheelchair Ramps are customized to your individual needs. No two ramps will be perfectly identical, and each could be priced differently. By finding what is right for you and your home, Premier Medical Equipment keeps you from paying for anything more than just what you need to have reliable, safe access. You can get a general idea by considering some of the following:

Will you need a portable ramp or a semi-permanent ramp?

Premier Medical Equipment offers many different types of ramps from doorway threshold wedge ramps to extremely durable, modular ramping. The type of ramp you need will impact the cost.

How much vertical distance will you need the ramp to rise from the ground to your door?

The higher your ramp needs to rise, the longer it will need to be to get you there safely. For every inch of climb, you’ll need 12 inches of ramp, and for every 30 inches of climb (30 feet of distance), you’ll need a landing. With additional length, you will also need handrail to match.


What material makes most sense for your wheelchair ramp needs?

If we could get four small images here, I think there’d be a small amount of benefit to more quickly understanding that this section is about the types of materials.

        • Aluminum wheelchair ramps are built to be free-standing. They do not need to be attached to your home or drilled into your sidewalk. They are easy to install and remove without leaving behind much trace that they were there. They stand up very well to New York winters.
        • Steel wheelchair ramps are just as sturdy as aluminum ramps. They also do not need to be attached to the house or drilled into your sidewalk. Like aluminum, they can also be installed and removed without leaving much evidence they were there. Steel ramps are slightly less weather-resistant than aluminum ramps.
        • Wooden wheelchair ramps can be customized to virtually any need. A wooden wheelchair ramp might fit the look of your home and deck better. They take longer to install or remove. Real wood ramps might not hold up to weather as well as metal or concrete, but composite materials deliver the wood look with great weather resistance.
        • Concrete wheelchair ramps are poured like a sidewalk. Concrete or cement wheelchair ramps can be smart for commercial installations or in some cases where the ramp won’t need to be removed for many years.
    • Will you need a ramp for long-term needs, or would wheelchair ramp rentals suit your needs well?
    • Ramping solutions can be a significant investment. We can help you find financing for ramps

Where does Premier Medical Equipment install ramps?

Premier Medical Equipment is an independently owned and operated Veteran-Owned Service Business. Mike Januszka runs Premier Medical Equipment from Baldwinsville, New York. He has 20 plus years of experience helping New Yorkers with their health, safety and accessibility needs.

The Premier Medical Equipment team installs ramps and other accessibility equipment across the greater Syracuse area, including the Fingerlakes, Ithaca, New Hartford, Rome, Alexandria Bay, Oswego, and the areas between. Call us at (315) 652-4955

“Mike and his crew did an excellent job of installing a wheelchair ramp for my husband. Plus also rebuilt existing stairs and put a gate up as well. Extremely kind and considerate during this difficult time. Highly Recommend!”


New York

Do you have a limited space, or do you need a less bulky accessibility option? Do you need to fit an accessibility solution into your garage? You might consider a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL) instead. VPLs have a much smaller footprint.

Learn more about Premier Medical Equipment’s VPL options.


We are available by email or phone to answer any questions you may have about our products. We look forward to hearing from you!

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